From the CEO PCO stands for Professional Conference Organisers PCO’s are respected professionals in the eventing industry. They are exceptional brand ambassadors and a source of new and return business.
The Venue - Randpark Golf Club In celebration of the course’s 70th anniversary it received a well deserved birthday present in the form of a face-lift in April 2012 to the value of R2.5 million.
Congratulations to our winners! Congratulations to the winners of the PCO Invitational. The winning four ball shot a round of 91 points.
The Contenders A special thank you to all the contenders who came out to support our event. Please click here to view all the four ball photos
Pro Tip Perfect putt – Tandi Cuningham While power is king in most aspects of golf, it’s your enemy on the green. Here’s how to get a better feel for putting... BACK TO TOP