Message from Dave Peerless
BACK TO CONTENTS Fellow Nomads Finally, our Golden Anniversary has arrived and 50 years have gone by in a flash and by some stretch of imagination. So, what have the memories left us? We have seen many members come and go, we have had many creeds for whom the bell tolls, but inevitably the club has survived the test of time. What a story. The membership has run hot and cold over the years and the economic climate has invariably had a say in matters like these, but Northerns have always found willing and able candidates who have put their hands up for the duties in the running of its committees. We have had a couple of members who have taken on the challenge of becoming National Chairman, a commitment to surpass most in the Nomadic journey, and those who didn’t, remained faithful to the cause. The Andrew Mentis programme bears witness to this, as over the past 50 years in excess of R11 million has been collected and handed over to various benefactors. We are proud of our track record and I firmly believe that the next 50 years will bring about the change necessary to keep the Northerns flag flying high. I would like to conclude by thanking all those who have helped in the arrangement of our jubilee and in particular, Charleen van der Merwe, who tirelessly choreographed this celebrity event. I would also like to thank those who have traveled far and wide to join with us in celebration. Finally, to my fellow Nomads from Northerns, thank you and enjoy the rest of the journey Yours in Nomads, Dave Peerless Captain Northern Nomads